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The cornerstone of my approach to healing is to help my clients access and utilize the most nourishing food possible. Research shows food that comes from a farm, a farmers market, or your own backyard garden is up to 97% more nutrient dense than conventionally farmed produce. Meals that are cooked at home rather than processed in a factory are not only highly nutritious but devoid of chemical additives, dyes, pesticides, fillers, texturizers, trans fats, or excessive sugar and sodium. My studies in functional nutrition show that without a doubt, shifting into an organic, scratch-cooked diet is the best thing you can do for your body no matter what physical ailment you may be facing.

Preparing a meal should be a ritual, not a routine. Our mission is to empower our community to take control of their health by getting comfortable in their kitchen and preparing nourishing food. Our job is to bridge the gap between folks who want to improve their food choices with the many resources in Richmond that makes local food available and accessible. As a health-supportive home chef, my gift is to expose people to a slower, more nurturing way of life by getting in our markets, our gardens, our kitchens, and our dining room tables to hold space for a healthy, engaged community. I do what I do because I believe because to live a balanced life you need nourishing foods, the skills to utilize them, and a supportive community to share meals with once and a while! As a result, the health of the community, local economy, and environment all progress in a powerful forward charge.
— Charlotte Christensen, MS
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Charlotte Christensen, MS

Health-supportive home chef and local food advocate



Alexander Bear, MS

Health coach and functional nutrition specialist