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Savor the Season in The Beet

  • Ellwood Thompson's Beet Cafe 4 North Thompson Street Richmond, VA, 23221 United States (map)

Eating in harmony with the seasons means eating whole foods, grown locally, and prepared with intention.

In our society it can be difficult not to feel as though we are trapped on a never ending hamster wheel. Embracing the seasons helps us understand that everything has a beginning and an end. Nothing is permanent and everything has its place. Every season comes with its own unique set of characteristics that are key to tapping into our own cyclical nature. As we travel through each season it is important to acknowledge and honor our place in the cycle. We’ve found that eating in concert with your regional harvest calendar is an effective way to embrace the qualities of each season. Eating in harmony with the seasons means eating whole foods, grown locally, and prepared with intention. This lifestyle has a powerful effect on our environment, our local economy, and our physical health.

Join functional nutrition experts Charlotte and Alexander of RootedRVAto explore how and why we can all benefit from savoring each season for a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle. You will leave with: practical advice on how to make the best choices for your wallet, your health, and your family. Plus, a summer-inspired meal plan for a week of delicious, easy recipes (shopping list included!) and an expanded mind, fresh perspective, and with intentions set to launch a new, sustainable journey into personalized wellness!

About the Presenters

Charlotte Christensen, MS

Charlotte believes true health starts with living soil and confidence in the kitchen. As a health-supportive home chef, a budding farmer, and a functional nutrition expert, Charlotte believes food is medicine and given the right conditions, our bodies have the remarkable capability of healing themselves from a vast array of chronic conditions.

Charlotte whole-heartedly believes that the food we eat determines our health outcome. Specifically, eating whole foods that are grown in season and cooked with intention provides a powerful experience and lowers cellular inflammation -- the underlying cause of the chronic diseases that are so prevalent in our society. Through her practice, Charlotte helps her clients plug into their local food systems, streamline their meal-planning routine, and feel empowered in their kitchen. Charlotte works closely with Virginia farmers (and even dabbles in farming herself) to help connect her clients with the most nutrient dense and flavorful food possible.

Charlotte’s undying love for food led her to the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, for her master’s degree in functional nutrition to compliment her background in biology, ecology, and organic agriculture. She returned to Richmond in 2019 to help her community achieve their ultimate health goals through mindful, sustainable lifestyle choices.

Alexander Bear, MS

Alexander believes that true health starts with an understanding and appreciation of food. As a functional nutrition specialist trained in nutrigenomics, he knows that food can be the most powerful form of medicine when it is personalized to meet an individual’s specific dietary requirements.

Alexander understands that diet is the number one modifiable risk factor for the prevention of chronic disease. Through his practice, Alexander helps his clients source the most nutrient-dense food and highest quality supplements tailored to their individual needs. He provides guidance in gaining mastery in the kitchen and in learning how to practically implement difficult lifestyle changes.

Alexander’s passion for food led him to the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR, for his master’s degree in functional nutrition to compliment his background in wilderness therapy, health coaching, and fitness. He moved to Richmond in 2019 to complete an internship in nutrigenomics and to join Charlotte in implementing their shared mission to help others lead healthy, purpose-filled lives.