Full Description of Services

During your free consultation, you will be provided the opportunity to discuss your goals and intake form with your nutrition coach. Your coach will work with you to develop a strategy for achieving your goals based on your dietary needs and preferences, health status, schedule, social influences, among other factors. You will work together with your coach to determine the best ways for measuring progress, whether it is body fat percentage, blood pressure, inflammation markers, vitamin/mineral status, or other measurements.


Nutrition counseling services may include:

  • Analysis of your current diet

  •  Food sensitivity and intolerance identification

  • Regular progress measurements

  • Nutrition recommendations for conditions diagnosed by a licensed physician

  • Recommendations on using food to prevent the development of chronic health conditions

  • Nutrition recommendations around medication usage

  • Optimal diet recommendations for your goals (e.g. weight loss)

  • Supplement education

  • Personalized recipes and meal plans

  • Coaching on meal prepping and batch cooking

  •  Food shopping education including shopping lists

  •  Education on meal timing and frequency

  • Coaching on optimizing meal-time environment

  • Coaching on social influences and their effect on achieving dietary goals

  • Coaching on optimizing areas which may affect nutrition related goals (e.g. sleep)

  • Answering questions and providing evidence-based resources on nutrition topics such as nutritional genomics

  • Cooking lessons for individuals and groups

  •  Grocery store and farmer’s market tours


Free initial consultation

  • 1 session - $68

  • 2 sessions - $65 each - $130 

  • 5 sessions - $60 each - $300

  • 10 sessions - $55 each - $550

  • 20 sessions - $50 each - $1000

*Purchased sessions will be used toward the creation of personalized materials outside of in-person nutrition counseling time (e.g. developing a personalized meal plan).



All sessions are 45-minutes. By appointment only.



All sessions expire within one year of purchase.



·     New Client Special: 3 sessions for $150

·     New clients receive 10% off your first five nutrition counseling sessions! (excludes New Client Special)

·     Get one free session for each friend you refer that signs up for 5 or more sessions!