From our farmers, to your table.

The cornerstone of my approach to healing is to help my client’s access and utilize the most nourishing food possible. Research shows food grown with organic farming practices is up to 97% more nutrient dense than conventionally farmed produce. The food we eat determines our health outcome. Whole foods that are grown and cooked with intention rather than processed in a factory or restaurant are not only highly nutritious but devoid of chemical additives, dyes, pesticides, fillers, texturizers, trans fats, or excessive sugar and sodium. My studies in functional nutrition shows that without a doubt, shifting into a seasonal, organic, scratch-cooked diet is the best thing you can do for your body whether you are facing a chronic condition or simply wish to streamline your meal planning routine in a healthful way.

Simply assemble fully prepped meals and enjoy better health

Preparing a meal should be a ritual, not a routine. Our mission is to empower our community to take control of their health by getting comfortable in their kitchen and preparing seasonal, scratch-cooked food. Our job is to bridge the gap for folks who want to raise their threshold of health by accessing nourishing foods. As a health-supportive home chef, my gift is to help you simplify your culinary routine. Let us take care of nutritional meal planning, the grocery shopping, cooking (and dishes!). Rest assured that you are eating the most consciously sourced, nutrient dense, environmentally friendly, expertly prepared food that Richmond has to offer. We will do the heavy lifting while you watch your health transform.

What to expect:

  • An insulated cooler bag containing a weeks’ worth of freshly harvested and prepared food delivered to your door.

  • A refrigerator fully stocked with seasonally-inspired, easy-to-assemble meals designed to mix and match throughout the week.

  • A dynamic menu that varies with the seasonal harvest calendar.

  • A therapeutic meal plan that is naturally free of common sensitivities like gluten, dairy, and soy (vegan/vegetarian options available.)

  • High quality, locally grown, nutrient dense, healthfully prepared ingredients.

+ Discounted rate on any RootedRVA community events

+ Cost of food included (estimate: $100 per week)

+ Delivery included

+ Inclusion to closed Facebook group to share reheating instructions, meal inspiration, and additional nutritional recommendations to get the most out of your food.


Weekly flat rate of $250

+ $40 deposit required to cover delivery equipment

+ Option to add additional family members for a discounted rate


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