What we do…

Rooted RVA is a multifaceted wellness movement!

Rooted RVA offers clients a holistic perspective of health by starting at the roots.  Where are your roots? For many, roots start in their home; in the garden, the kitchen, and their community. This is where RootedRVA can intervene and help individuals and families find a higher threshold of health. Our goal is to help clients refine their skills in the kitchen, locate or grow nutrient-dense ingredients, and subscribe to a more mindful, sustainable lifestyle.

Our goal is to guide the RootedRVA community into a fuller, slower, more nourishing way of life by teaching folks about where food comes from, how to grow it, how to cook it, and how to bring it all together at the dining room table.

Are you seeking more information about foods that support your health? Let us help you navigate your own health journey and help you find foods that help you thrive. We offer health coaching and accountability that can help you establish sustainable goals with ongoing support.

Looking for support and inspiration in the kitchen? As a health-supportive home chefs we are geared to help you feel more comfortable in your own kitchen so you can start creating nutritious dishes that will nourish you for a lifetime! RootedRVA is has a wealth of creative, delicious, seasonally inspired recipes that are easy to follow.

Don’t know where to start to get your family eating and feeling better? Let's talk meal planning, grocery shopping, batch-cooking, and mindful eating practices!

Know what you “should” be eating but simply don’t have the time outside of your busy schedule to cook? Let’s chat about personalized, nutritious, consciously sourced weekly meal prep services.

Interested in diving deeper into your health journey? We are equipped to incorporate constitutional medicine, nutrigenomics, wilderness therapy, personal training, and meditation into your individualized wellness protocol.


Savor the Season

Let us take care of nutritional meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking (and dishes!). Rest assured that you are eating the most consciously sourced, nutrient dense, environmentally friendly, expertly prepared food that Richmond has to offer. We will do the heavy lifting while you watch your health transform.

Deeply Rooted

Come for the food, stay for the community! Overhaul your cooking routine with this twelve-week program designed to help you cultivate a community engaged in a more nourishing and sustainable lifestyle. Offered seasonally. Stay tuned for our next program offering.


Community Classes and workshops

Making a sustainable lifestyle shift is hard to achieve on your own. That is why RootedRVA is built upon holding space for an engaged community. Find us around Richmond providing educational classes or book a private group culinary workshop with your friends, family, significant other, or roommates!

Health coaching

Individualized support and guidance that focuses on functional nutrition and personal training. Provides accountability as we help you navigate your own health journey and find foods and activities that help you thrive.


Low-cost membership

A resource for original recipes and online community to help you engage in a more sustainable and nourishing lifestyle!